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Blinded by Love
Written by: By: Chyna S. ©2014


Chapter 1
Brooklyn’s world turned upside down the day she found out she was pregnant. For her it was bitter sweet; she was full of emotions and stressed out at times, she felt as if she was in this cold world alone. She found herself always digging herself out when she was in a hole. She always wondered why life kept pushing her into a corner; no matter how hard she tried, things always seemed to go left. They say you are not supposed to question, however, that was hard for her to do; especially knowing she was a good person, and bad continued to come her way.
She knew she wasn’t the only one going through things; “But, damn, come on now. Why me?” she constantly asked. She found herself asking, “Where did I go wrong? Is my faith continuing to be tested? If so, why? I never gave up on you.” Referring to God, Brooklyn had always kept her faith, and stood on her own two feet. Nevertheless, still she wondered, “Damn, why me?” She held all her hurt and pain inside, covering it up with a smile, as if nothing was wrong. While all the time, her feet was hurting and sore from walking long miles and going through so much abuse and pain. She tried so hard to keep going, make it to the top, and succeed trying not to give up. She continued to pray, on her knees, praying for all her hurt, pain, and struggles to go away.

Brooklyn had been in and out of foster homes rarely shown love. Their mother Bridgette, and their mother’s boyfriend who went by the name, J-Mack, physically and mentally abused her and her eldest sister Brittney. Brooklyn had a golden dark skin complexion, chubby cheeks, and a head full of hair. She was more of the quiet type, very observant, nice and always thinking. At seventeen, she met and fell in love with Terrence, Terrence Carter, her child’s father. At the time, he was eighteen years old. He was all she knew and all she had. She had been with him for eleven years. He had her going through so many emotional vicissitudes after her being with him for so long.

In the beginning, Terrence was the one. He was there for her; he took care of her, loved her, and treated her better than anybody she had ever been with− including family. He took care of everything, anything Brooklyn wanted or needed; he made it happen. She didn’t have to want for anything; she had it made. Although she worked and had her own income, she didn’t have to spend on anything. All she paid were her credit card bills. She had a shoe fetish, so her money went on nice fancy shoes. One thing she did for sure was made sure she had a secret bank account that only she knew about, keeping a stash just in case a rainy day came her way… The money Terrence was giving her; she would take it and put it in her secret account. He had money; he wasn’t tripping off what she was doing with it.

After his mother died, he collected her insurance benefits; he was her beneficiary. After being secretly abused by her husband his father, she switched beneficiaries without anyone knowing. She didn’t die from his abuse, she died because her husband mistress chased and ran her off the 91 freeway, heading towards Bellflower. Terrence came in to two hundred thousand dollars. He got his business license and invested some of the money in a Coin Laundry located in Los Angeles. His business ran good and made a decent amount of money. He then got caught up in the drug game.
Brittney had a tan neutral skin tone, not so quiet, and wasn’t as nice as Brooklyn. Her mother, Bridgette was a natural beauty; she stood mid-height, soft brown skin, and shoulder length hair, very attractive− that’s until she met James.
Before Bridgette met James known as J-Mack, she had it going on; she worked as a Paralegal for Benjamin & Steller’s Law Firm. She was bringing in good money for her and her girls…

“Hi, how can I help you?” Bridgette asked the man that approached her as she was sitting at the front desk at the law firm.

“Yes, I have an appointment with, Steller.” James responded. “Damn she looks good,” he then thought.

Once their eyes connected, Bridgette thought to herself, “Nope, can’t mess with the clients.” She never liked mixing business with pleasure. She immediately came out of lala-land. “Okay and sign here thank you.” she said referring to the sign in sheet. “You can have a seat in the waiting area over there.”

He sat down in one of the plush chairs in the waiting room, grabbed a magazine off the stand near his seat, and crossed his legs.

“Mm, James Mack.” she said as she picked up the sign in sheet to see his name.

James was an aggressive, tall, mean looking person. However, Bridgette didn’t see that; she saw an attractive sexy man. Knowing his criminal background, she looked past that, always feeling that a person have room to change. He served time in the pen for robbery and attempted murder. It was something about him that Bridgette liked. Some women like the aggressive look, and she was one of them.

For some reason, she wanted to show him what she was working with. Usually she would just call the clients name and point them in the direction they needed to go. This time she got up and walked over to the waiting area where he was sitting.

She was wearing a form fitting black and white business pinstripe pantsuit; her backside filled it out nicely, with the shape she had, it was hard for her to hide it. “Mr. Mack, Steller is ready for you now.”
He got up and followed her lead, staring directly at her ass. You could only imagine the thought that ran through his head.

After having his appointment with the Lawyer, he stopped Bridgette, as she was speed walking down the hallway. “Excuse me; you never gave me your name.”

“And you never asked, either.”

“Oh, you feisty, huh?”

“Excuse me,”

“Just how I like ‘em,” James said, looking her up and down, “You got a man?”

“Why is it your concern?” she said playing hard to get.

“I guess that’s a no,”

“Well you have a good day, Mr. Mack.”

“Yea, alright, I’ll be seeing you soon, sexy.” he told her and then walked off.

“He got his nerves,” she said to herself before running to answer the phone. “Benjamin and Steller’s Law Firm how can I help you?”…

After several tries and visits to the Firm, James was finally able to win Bridgette over. In the beginning as most relationships, theirs was great. They fell in love, so they thought. She didn’t see anything wrong with his past, hell she had a past herself, who was she to judge. They would share everything with each other. Well, he was giving her bits and pieces of his life, while she was open and honest with hers. Well, she wasn’t quite honest either, because she never told him that she had and is still having an affair with her boss, Mr. Benjamin himself. Their relationship began to get rocky and things began to spiral left.

After James told her that his hustling and drug days were over, she came to find out it was all a lie and how much money he had stolen from her, she just couldn’t believe. That wasn’t just it, not just one or two, but over three times she caught him cheating, and a long with all that, she found out he was pimping. She still stayed with him no matter what. She felt she wasn’t letting what she build break. To her, she was standing by her man. From how he was, mistreating and disrespecting her, her way of copping turned to her dipping her nose in powder, which led to bigger drugs. Not being thrown off her game, she continued to work, just slacking a bit here and there. She was head over hills for him despite he was no good. Focused and blinded over him she hardly had time for, Brittney and Brooklyn. J-Mack never once tried to stop her from using; he just continued to feed her what she fiend for…

The girls never knew what she saw in him. He had Bridgette brainwashed and gone off drugs. Bridgette would sit on the end of her king size bed giving herself that good ol’ dose of ‘Magic’… As the rush flow through them veins of hers, once those eyes rolled up and she got to leaning and nodding, J-Mack would creep his perverted self in Brittney and Brooklyn’s rooms one at a time, molesting each of them. They both were scared and were told not to tell, because if they tell the Department of Children and Family Services would come and separate the two of them and they will not see each other or their mother ever again. He was a monster. That went on for a good three years. It started when they were around six and seven years old.

One late night, Brittney woke up out her sleep in need of using the bathroom. She wet herself a lot due to all the sexual abuse she was enduring. This night she woke up on time and headed for the bathroom. As she walked past Brooklyn’s room, she heard her crying, sobbing. She was already aware of the abuse her sister was going through, because it was happening to her too. Something came through her and this time she walked in Brooklyn’s room, when she saw that J-Mack wasn’t around she consoled her sister, holding her tight.

“He’s coming back,” Brooklyn cried, whispering to her sister.

“Ok, it’s going to be alright, sister, just wait for it.” Brittney responded. She went to go hide in the closet slowly, quietly closing the door, leaving it cracked just enough for her to see through. She stood there and watched… He walked in silently closed the door and locked it behind him. Her eyes were so big she didn’t know what to do; she began to tremble but remained quiet.

Brooklyn didn’t know what she meant by saying, ‘Wait for it.’ “Wait for it, wait for what?” she thought scared. “Is she out of her mind?”

J-Mack walked in, “Didn’t I tell you to stop all that damn crying and have those tears wiped up by the time I got back?” he told her in a harsh tone as he sat beside her on the bed rubbing her leg slowly sliding his hand up her light blue gown.
She laid on her side and balled up into a fetal position, trembling, rocking herself back and forth. At this time, Brooklyn was nine and Brittney was ten. They were just one year apart and close as ever, you would have thought they were twins; they looked a lot alike. They were so close that, if one got in trouble the other would get herself in trouble too or they would take each other’s whippings.

The further J-Mack put his hand up her gown, the harder she would weep. “Sister, please, help me.” she cried repeating in her head.

“Get your dirty, filthy ass hands off my little sister, right now!” Brittney came out the closet, stood behind him and demanded in a heartbroken but stern tone.

He paused and turned around with a smirk on his gritty looking face, “You little…”

Brittney had a .380 Smith & Wesson pointed right at his forehead. “No more.” she stated, gun already cocked and ready.
Earlier that day, Brittney knew that Bridgette and J-Mack were high and loaded, they had already talked about staying in the house and just lounge around; they all knew what that meant− get high all day. When J-Mack nodded and fell asleep, Brittney snuck in their room grabbed his .380 he had in his shoebox, ran in the bathroom, checked to make sure it was loaded and ready; and it was, she knew she was taking a chance, however she didn’t care; she ran to her room and hid it, and now ready to use it…

Stunned and shocked, “How in the hell you get my gun?” he asked her nervously.

“Brooklyn, come over here,” she was scared to move. “Brooklyn, it’s okay, come on now, trust me.” Brooklyn jumped up as quickly as she could, ran, and stood behind her sister but closer to the closet. “Don’t worry about how I got your gun, worry about this being the last time you will ever put your hands on us again.”

“If you don’t give me my…” he said reaching for the gun. Boom! Boom! Brittney squeezed two shots square dead in his head. They were both shocked, no words came out, but their mouths hung open. Bridgette continued to sleep through the sound of the gun going off. Brittney stood over his lifeless body just looking down at it, feeling no pain whatsoever. She was just glad that he wouldn’t be around anymore. She saved her sister, her mother, and her own life.

Brooklyn ran to her sister hugging her as tight as she can. “What are we gonna do now?” she asked softly.

“Pray and stick together.”

Everything happened so quickly…

The girls thought that they would be in some kind of trouble after what escalated. Therefore, they bent the truth, just a little bit. They knew Social Services were going to get them, they just hoped for the best, to stay together no matter what. No charges were brought against the girls. From the story they told, it was pure self-defense. Moreover, from all the medical exams they both had, showed that they were abused, mentally and physically− so, they were taken from their mother. Bridgette had to take parenting classes and was sent to a sober living to get herself together.

At a time before, the girls tried to tell their mother about what J-Mack was doing to them, but she didn’t believe them; she shined them on, told them to get their lying asses out of her face, and moved on like nothing was ever said. They felt some type of way about that and will never forget it. That day they knew she chose him over them. Therefore, when they were took away from her, they were relieved; she was not a good parent to them; however, they were glad for her when they found out that she was going to a program to get better.

Bridgette was sick, her girls were gone and J-Mack was dead. All she had left of him were bittersweet memories. While going through rehab, she continued to go to work. It took a lot out of her to get up and do what she needed to do.
She finished her 30-day program and continued with her normal life. She tried a few times to get Brooklyn and Brittney back, however things just wasn’t going in her favor. She had failed one too many drug tests. Life had become hard on her; she had no one, her girls didn’t even want to be with her anymore. She failed them, big time. They resented her, she didn’t protect them. Where was she when they needed her the most? She was in a zone, lala-land, somewhere in the clouds. J-Mack had changed her. Bridgette left the heroin a lone after his death, she never liked how it made her feel anyway; how it would have her out and always down. To keep afloat, she continued dipping in cocaine; it kept her focused and ready to face her life challenges. To her, it was her medication; she didn’t look at it as a drug.

She never gave up trying to get her girls back. But she did take a break. Maybe they will come to her, she would think. She explained her situation to her boss and he accepted it with deep compassion and sympathy. Her drug habit was her secret, no one needed to know that. Benjamin would give her money each month to give to Brittney and Brooklyn. She would find out where they were placed and made sure she gave them five hundred dollars each a month; they never turned it down, but still didn’t want to see her. That alone gave Bridgette hope that they would one day accept her back and talk to her again. Bridgette beat herself up every day that she wasn’t there for them. How could she had let, James, that monster around or near them. The thought of what he had done to them hunted her. Brooklyn and Brittney didn’t know if they wanted to forgive her or not. Their dad already failed them by leaving before they were born, and never looked back. Their life growing up wasn’t easy.

Growing up in the system was very much hard for Brooklyn and Brittney. They both got in to many fights with different females they were living with. No matter what happened they always stayed together, they were never split apart. One social worker gave them her word that she would do her best to keep them together. Clothing and other personal items would always come up missing causing problems within the house amongst the girls. With a house full of females, they were bound to clash…

Brittney and Brooklyn knew if they tried to leave, they would not make it out in the streets on their own. Therefore, they rode it out until they hit eighteen…



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  But more than they realize,money is the line between LOYALTY and BETRAYAL.
through life and jumping over every obstacle in her path due to her ability to use her "STREETS SMARTS" to get by, while at the same gaining to make herself a better person and give herself a better life.

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Hood Girlz an Urban Fiction Novel

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