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Welcome to Queen C's Publishing Urban World, where we will be bringing you the Hottest Urban/Erotic Fiction Literacy Novels, short stories, and Poems. Our Authors are very talented in giving you page turners that you will not be able to put down, and will have you wanting more. We will be giving it to you Real, Raw, and straight from the streets. Queen C's Publishing is here to give Urban Readers what they are looking for.
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we making our way through the literacy world, with a new era of Urban Fiction...Get with our movement!

Queen C's Publishing Authors:

Taravon Pugh:

Travon Pugh 33 years old was born and raised in Compton, CA, and is an Author at Queen C’s Publishing. As a youth Travon played sports most of time, leaving time to do something that he did best, write. He found his passion for writing at an early age, now he is writing books in hopes to inspire others, hoping that they will see the light that the street life that they glorify is not all peaches and cream; it is actually sinister and brutal. With his first novel Have Heart Have Money, Travon plans to write more page-turners to gives readers what they are looking for in a book.  

al-Latif J. Wahid:

al-Latif J. Wahid is a brilliant writer; author of several unpublished novels. Keep pushing is his motto; and one of his classics, next to street motivation, which is soon to be released. al-Latif is currently serving life for armed robbery in the state of South Carolina. He is also the co-founder of Forbidden Turf Publishing and Enterprise. His prize and joy is his three beautiful children. After serving fourteen years; and nearly a hundred novels later; al-Latif has completed eleven novels and is working on his first Black Urban cowboy book called “Black Desperado.” al-Latif is currently in the United States Court of Appeals; and hope for relief due to illegal sentence enhancements. Until then, he diligently continue to focus on his Creator, and any success that lays ahead.

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The HELPER is an urban fiction rendition inspired by a true story. Something is brewing in the hoods and ghetto across America. Some may call it divine intervention while others may call it Government subversion, Anarchy and Religious foolishness. You be the judge. What if the many sightings of UFO's in America and around the world had some connection to the urban inner cities, and black ghetto across America? What if the Gang Bangers, Hip-Hop Rap artist, and the current Hip-Hop generation had some connection to the many UFO sightings? What if you yourself, were a Chosen Helper, but did not know? Yet, you knew that there has always been something special about you. Extra-Terrestrial...

Don't forget to check out "HOOD GIRLZ 2" Book Trailer!

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Hood Girlz Book Release
 Queen C's Publishing is bringing it to you straight from the  Streets; A Hood Novel that will have you glued to the pages, anxious to to the page, smiling, and crying. Hood Girlz was written in  a way so that everyone who reads it will be able to relate to it. Chyna brings you some Betrayal, Drama, Loyalty, and Envy. This book is a must read and a must have.

Hood Girlz

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Growing up in Compton, raised by a and no father, Desti'ne became familiar with struggling at a very young age.
  As a teen she and her closest friends grew to understand that MONEY is absolutely necessary for . By any and all means, Money is a must.
  But more than they realize,money is the line between LOYALTY and BETRAYAL.
through life and jumping over every obstacle in her path due to her ability to use her "STREETS SMARTS" to get by, while at the same gaining to make herself a better person and give herself a better life.

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Hood Girlz 2
Book Launch and part of Ch 1 Reading...S/O to Lil Kim, Joy, and Shadae for doing the reading.

April 20, 2013


S.N.Angels a Non-Profit Organization



Black Writers On Tour 2013.

"Hood Girlz" Book Signing...

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Hood Girlz (book signing video)
Models: Cece, NaNa, and Latiana

Cover Done By: Gem "Fist High" Productions & George "Big Fase 100" Taylor

Performers: B. Fly & Honey Blunt

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Hood Girlz an Urban Fiction Novel

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