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Blinded by Love
Written by: By: Chyna S. ©2014


Seven months into Brooklyn pregnancy, Terrence took her by the neck and slammed her to the floor, “Fuck you, you fat bitch! Nobody your fat outta shaped ass!”Sharp pains shot through her stomach; she but her daughter that she was carrying. Her stomach was huge and it was no way she could really protect herself.

 Brooklyn held onto her stomach and tried to get up, “Fat…nigga, you sound stupid…,” she yelled out in pain. She began to lift herself off the before she could get all the way up, “BOOM…” Terrence kicked her dead in her side, knocking her back down to the floor. He put his size nine feet on her stomach with pressure, holding her down—“Get your fucking foot off my stomach, you’re hurting my baby!” she cried, squirming trying to push his foot off her. She was in so much pain; at that moment, it felt as if she were going to lose her baby.“This nigga is really trying to hurt me,” she thought.

“Fuck you and that mutha’ fucking baby; I know it ain’t mine anyway!” Terrence yelled out.Grabbing her by her hair, he pulled her off the floor, threw her on the bed, and straddled himself atop of her. Before he could get her hands held down good, twice, once in the nose and once to his jaw. “Bitch…” he and then socked her in her eye. Her eye began to close up, and soon after started to swell.

“Ah, get off me; get your punk ass off me!” She was trying her best to get him off her. She took all the strength that she had left in her, and kicked his ass so hard, sending him off the bed and into the wall.“Oh shit!” she said to herself. She didn’t know what was to come, so, she hurried and jumped off the bed, and ran into the bathroom. Before Brooklyn could get the door closed shut, Terrence had stuck his hand in the doorway to keep the door from closing shut. “Move your hands out the way!” she yelled panicking. Terrence was trying to push his way in the bathroom, and she was trying her best to keep him from coming in; she knew if he got in it was over for her. He was pissed from how hard his head hit the wall from that good kick she gave him. He wouldn’t move his hands out the way of the door, so she bit the shit out of his fingers…

“Fuck! Ahh!” he yelled so loud. I know for sure that the neighbors heard it. The adrenaline in Brooklyn felt so good from hearing him in such pain. 

“Bitch ass nigga.” she thought devilishly. He but his hands. She slammed the door and locked it. “Fuck, I can’t keep going through this shit.” she thought to herself as she looked at her busted up in the mirror.

“Bitch, open this mutha’ fuckin’ door! Yo’ ass can’t stay in there all night!” 

When Brooklyn looked in the mirror, all she saw was a weak person with low self-esteem who didn’t know what to do with herself. She knew if she stayed in there long enough eventually he would leave. Brooklyn was just a battered woman with a good heart, ‘Blinded by Love’.

“Now look what you made me do, all I wanted was some pussy, that’s all!” Terrence had a long hard day at work after he found out one of his runners came up short from the batch he was supposed to get off, while also finding out that one of his was pregnant. After trying to bribe her and talk her into getting an abortion, and her final answer was, No! Yep, he just couldn’t do right, he was still dipping in things he had no business. The rest of his day didn’t go so well. After work, he stopped off and got him a fifth of Hennessey, no chaser; and took it down. “ ” he told her beating on the door. Terrence was drunk as hell and out of his mind; he was tripping.

“Terrence, I told you over and over again that I am not fucking with anybody. You are fucking crazy. Shit, I’m seven months pregnant, what the hell I look like, I tired!” she cried out. “You told me you were going to change, this look like a change!”

“I have changed. Baby, just come out and we can talk about it. I’m sorry,” Terrence, pleaded as if he was bipolar. He was just in a rage and now cool, wanting to talk it out. “I’m sorry, baby.” He would sing the same old song all the time. In Brooklyn’s heart, she knew what she was going through was not right. However, in her mind, she could not leave that man. He had her mind gone and her nose wide open. When they weren’t fighting, he would show her nothing but love and cater to her. All her life that’s what she wanted, someone to just love her and show her that they cared. He knew that about her and knew she really didn’t have anyone else. She had her sister, but after so long she stopped getting involved in their relationship, because all Brooklyn would do is go crawling right back to him. Plus, after he went off on Brittney and told her to get out of their house, she stopped coming around as much. She too was having her own relationship issues; however, they weren’t as bad as .

Brooklyn started feeling hard sharp pains in her stomach from the beating she received. After hearing a door slam, what sounded like the front door and silence for about fifteen minutes, she crept the bathroom. “Oh,” she moaned in pain, holding her stomach, looking around making sure he was gone; there was no sign of him. She went and sat on the couch hoping that the pain will go away, but it didn’t it got worse. She felt something warm and slippery between her legs, so she put a hand down there, when she looked at her hand, it was blood on it; she panicked. She then began to cry harder. She got up slowly grabbed her keys and headed to the hospital. While on her way to the hospital, the pains in her stomach were coming harder, feeling like contractions. “Oh my God, please help me!” she cried. “It’s gone be ok, baby, just hold on.”



QUEEN CS PUBLISHING is bringing it to you straight from the  Streets; A  novella that will have you glued to the pages, anxious to turn the page, and wanting more! When FRIENDS Become ENEMIES was written in  a way so that everyone who reads it will be able to relate to it. Chyna brings you some betrayal, drama, loyalty, and envy. This book is a must read and a must have.

Growing up in Compton, raised by a and no father, became familiar with struggling at a very young age.
  As a teen she and her closest friends grew to understand that MONEY is absolutely necessary for . By any and all means, Money is a must.
  But more than they realize,money is the line between LOYALTY and BETRAYAL.
through life and jumping over every obstacle in her path due to her ability to use her "STREETS SMARTS" to get by, while at the same gaining to make herself a better person and give herself a better life.

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The HELPER is an urban fiction rendition inspired by a true story. Something is brewing in the hoods and ghetto across America. Some may call it divine intervention while others may call it Government subversion, and Religious foolishness. You be the judge. What if the many sightings of UFO's in America and around the world had some connection to the urban inner and black ghetto across America? What if the Gang Bangers, Hip-Hop Rap artist, and the current Hip-Hop generation had some connection to the many UFO sightings? What if you yourself, were a Chosen Helper, but did not know? Yet, you knew that there has always been something special about you. Extra-Terrestrial...



Taz and Sparks are thick as thieves. They are on a mission to get paid and nothing otherwise. But when Taz’s uncle Big Glen, the mastermind of the notorious Empire, puts them to the test in preparation his retirement and the bequest of his Enterprise to his sole nephew, they must prove that they are ready to step up to the plate and keep the cogs and gears of the mighty Empire grinding strong. Meanwhile, with insider help, a small band of DEA agents waged an intimate war against the Empire to ensure that it fails, and Taz and Sparks find themselves caught up in a treacherous game of cat and mouse and a serious ultimatum. Would they tuck their tails, go run and hide, or would they stand their ground and HAVE HEART and Have Money? Only time will tell.


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by  K. Nowinsky 


Make sure you check out
"Going off Dreams"
by  K. Nowinsky